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Let SERC save you money on your utility costs with no risk to you. It is easy and we can show you how.

1. Utility Rate Schedule Analysis Process

  • Review billing data loaded into SERC system
  • Compare current rate schedule to other qualifying rate options
  • Determine on-going monthly savings from account rate changes
  • Negotiate with utility suppliers for lower on-going rates and charges
  • Implement account changes with utility supplier
  • Monitor savings and provide documented report of monthly savings.

2. Utility Bill Audit and Refund Recovery

  • Obtain historical utility billing
  • Analyze for over billings
  • Document amount of refunds
  • Negotiate refund recovery with utility supplier
  • Confirm receipt of refund to client

3. Energy Procurement Services

  • Independent and unbiased bidding of energy supply in open markets, supplier neutral
  • Proactively manage energy cost to mitigate your risk from price volatility
  • Collect all necessary historical energy data for bidding process
  • Ensure all sites are run through an objective competitive bid process
  • Facilitate contract negotiation and contract compliance with chosen supplier
  • Secure best overall value and energy pricing

4. SERC Performance/Contingency Based Fee

If no savings or refunds are found there will be no fee. You share with us the savings and refunds we find for you.

That’s it - it is that easy.

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