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Our Services

SERC offers a comprehensive suite of services for commercial, government, industrial and institutional clients managing multi-site or single site locations to aid in cutting utility costs (price per unit) for on-going savings and energy efficiencies.

Utility Rate Analysis
Based on our years of experience  and using the SERC proven formula our team can determine if your business is receiving the lowest possible utility rate.

Utility Bill Audit & Refund Recovery
After analyzing your previous utility bills SERC will determine if you are owed a refund or credit due to billing errors or faulty equipment.  We will then continue to monitor your billing to ensure you are saving every penny possible.

Rate Negotiations
SERC is equipped to negotiate lower electric or gas rates for our customers by bundling multiple site users.

Not only can SERC help our customers to reduce their utility rates but also their energy usage.  SERC has partnered with lighting distributers to replace less efficient lighting with more efficient LED lighting.   The best part is that you make no down payment and are able to pay for your new lighting with your utility savings.


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